HELLO, SLOVENIA!, Barbara Hanuš


Ni na zalogi


Hey, Ho, is Slovenia a Place You Know? Hello, Slovenia! playfully introduces the beautiful places in Slovenia in the hopes of arousing curiosity and admiration of everything that Slovenia has to offer.
Rich photographic material and interesting information will help those visiting our country decide which places and events are worthy of their time and what to look for there.

Fani the Hen will keep you company on your journey and help you explore the Slovenian cities, rivers, mountains, and coast, while also acquainting you with Slovenian sights and customs. Her witty remarks will make this adventure even more fun!

This book was written for all who wish to learn more about Slovenia: school-age children, families looking for travel tips, foreigners visiting our country and Slovenian people living abroad who wish to find out more about the land of their ancestors.

Soft cover, 21 x 26 cm, 46 pages.